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Transfer to Bozcaada is done by ferry boats belonging to Gestaş Sea Transportation Trade Corporation from the pier in the city center of Canakkale and from Geyikli town in Ezine district. You can arrive at the Island in approximately 30 minutes. Schedule can change even if transfers are 3 times in winter and hourly in summer. Therefore, you shall get detailed information from GESTAŞ. Gestaş contact: 444 0 752 www.gestasdenizulasim.com.tr.

Transportation to Bozcaada by Bus: Bus companies Truva Turizm, Kamil Koç, Metro, Ulusoy, and Istanbul Seyahat provide transportation services from Istanbul and Izmir to Bozcaada. Buses come until Geyikli Yükyeri Pier during the summer season. Since ferryboat arrives in the city center of Bozcaada, buses are not required to come to the Island. In other seasons, buses generally have their last stop in Ezine Bus Station. You can then reach Geyikli pier using minibuses.

Transportation in Bozcaada: Minibuses, the only public transportation of the Island, use the road which goes to Ayazma and Habbele beaches. Therefore they also deserve Sulubahçe cove between Ayazma and Habbele. In the peak season of the Island, there are minibus trips to Aquarium cove in the south and to the windmills park only for sunset. Minibuses which work only between June and September set off from Island center every 15 minutes the whole day long. You can also rent motorbike and car from two places in the island. Taxis are available on the island