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Local Foods and Drinks

500 years of common life between Turkish and Greek people has enriched the gastronomic culture of the island. The cuisine of the island carries mostly the traces of Aegean cuisine. Sea products, red meat, herbs and olive oil are the main ingredients. Herb season starts with the spring. Nettles, wild cabbage, radicchio, wild beet, pigweed, blessed thistle are some of the herbs that can be found in the island. These are used for olive oil dishes, salads, pastries.

Bozcaada Almond and Mastic Cookies Bozcaada Poppy Syrup Bozcaada Tomato Jam Bozcaada Octopus Bozcaada Pitalita Bozcaada Sea Urchins

Tomato Jam: The tomato jam is a taste inherited from Greek people and unique to the island. This jam, produced in a special way, is one of the most specific products of the island.

Poppy Syrup: The poppy syrup, well known and sought product of the island is produced in very small amounts. There is one Café producing syrups, liquors and jams using poppy flowers.

Grape Juice-Verjuice: The verjuice is the juice produced with the grapes harvested before maturity, the grape juice being produced with mature grapes, in a totally natural way. It is possible to taste these products fresh or packaged.

Lamb and Kid: The lamb and goat meats start to be served to the tables in spring. Delicious oğlak kapama (goat meat stewed with lettuce and fennel) is cooked with special techniques and flavored with fresh mint. It is known that the one who tries once comes again to the island just for this taste...

Squid and Octopus: Bozcaada calamari and island octopus as a present of Aegean Sea are two delicious sea products we see in the kitchens of island houses, restaurants and in the menus of some hotels and pensions. In restaurants and cafes it is possible and preferable to eat delicious and local recipes like chargrilled octopus, calamari kokoreç, stuffed squid. Almost all of the islanders know how to cook octopus. Calamari is also a product islanders like to catch against the cold weather and wild sea and to fill their refrigerator with; and in summer, to serve them to their guests as snacks.

Sea Urchins: With its Bozcaada name, the Sea Hedgehog, the urchin, is fished on the shore by hand or using a stick named raspa, is cut with a knife, cleaned in the sea, and its orange eggs are eaten. Depending on your taste, it is served with olive oil, fresh lemon or vinegar and eaten generally by scraping the caviar by spoon or with bread. Although it is generally preferred with white wine, all kinds of drinks are tasty with urchins.

Island Rabbit: The cute little island rabbits, with their quick reproduction rate, are never missing in the nature. One of the most delicious local foods is the rabbit stew...

Sardines cooked in Vine Leaves: The fresh leaves of the vineyards picked up and salted are used whole year in the kitchen of the island houses and restaurants. Rolling sardines into leaves by a special technique traditional to the island and cooking them on charcoal creates an amazing taste. The grape leaf gives its taste to the sardine. The sardine cooked with this technique is unforgettable.

Raw Dolma: It is also a special taste of the island which is prepared by rolling raw ingredients into a fresh vine leaf. It is loved much, eaten much...

Island Cookies: The almond cookie of Bozcaada and the Hacı Tahir almond Lokum are biscuits and tastes specific to Bozcaada, that each guest tastes and want to take with him.

Island Ravioli: The island ravioli is one of the most important traditional foods of the island. Some restaurants prepare and serve it.

Turkish Coffee with Mastic: It is one of the Greek delights of the island. This coffee, served in several places, is served with a glass of liquor, or grape juice, and cookies.

Bozcaada Almond and Mastic Cookies Bozcaada Poppy Syrup Bozcaada Tomato Jam Bozcaada Octopus Bozcaada Pitalita Bozcaada Sea Urchins