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Touristic Information

There is an Information Office in Bozcaada that can help you in reservation before or when coming to Island and give any information about the Island. This service by Bozcaada Tourism Managers Association is provided through English speaking personnel and e-info system (kiosk) and the office is located in the exit of pier. Apart from providing information and arranging reservation, the office also pays attention to any of your complaints and wishes. In addition, there is contact info of association below from which you get information:

District Governorship of Bozcaada: +90 286 697 80 18, www.bozcaada.gov.tr
Municipality of Bozcaada: +90 286 697 80 81, www.bozcaada.bel.tr
BOZTİD (Bozcaada Tourism Managers Association): www.boztid.org.tr - info@boztid.org.tr

Bozcaada Touristic Information