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Bozcaada is located in the north of Aegean Sea at the exit of the Dardanelles Pass. It is a district dependent on Canakkale province. Islands surrounding Bozcaada are Gökçeada in the North, Lemnos Island in the West, and Lesbos Island in the South. Ferryboat trip between Geyikli Pier and Bozcaada is 3.4 sea miles long. The Island is 350 km away from Istanbul and Izmir and journey lasts 6 hours by bus and 5 hours by car. During the summer season there are direct hydroplane flights from Istanbul to Bozcaada. You can get information about flights from Seabird firm's website (www.flyseabird.com). Scheduled flights from Istanbul and Ankara to Canakkale were stopped because of enlargement works of airport, but from 2014 flights will begin again. When entering through Ipsala, Kapıkule, and Dereköy border gates of Edirne, it is possible to arrive in Bozcaada in 4-5 hours passing through Gallipoli.